Kassidy Technician

Meet Kassidy Portelance, Veterinary Technician (VT) here at Walden Animal Hospital. Kassidy is a graduate of Collège Boréal and brings a special passion for exotic pets to our team. At home, she's the proud hedgehog mom of two spikey charmers, Moe and Diesel. She swears they've got personalities that rival the best stand-up comedians!

Kassidy's heart lies in emergency medicine, where she thrives under pressure and ensures every patient gets the utmost care. She deeply appreciates the level of attention and dedication we provide to all our patients at Walden Animal Hospital. Kassidy is particularly fond of our Fear Free techniques, which make even the most fearful or stressed patients feel comfortable, and she values the special care we offer to accommodate senior pets.

Kassidy's commitment to her work and love for animals shine through in her dedication to the well-being of all our furry and scaly friends.