Casey RVT

Hello! My name is Casey and I am an RVT with Walden Animal Hospital.

My entire life, there has always been a shadow of a dog walking beside me. From my earliest memories to just this morning, I have always had that incredible companionship of a best friend with 4 legs and a tail happily trotting along the journey of life together. I have always wanted to be able to give back that love and to be able to help make sure somebody else's best friend gets to make it home and live a long, happy and healthy life together.

As my time in vet medicine continues, I realize there is a passion and undeniable calling for emergency medicine. I continue to expand my knowledge and skills in this field knowing that in my pursuit of growing my own abilities, so am I growing my ability to ensure that every patient gets the care they deserve.
When I'm not wearing a stethoscope with scrubs, I'm either outside hiking in the woods with my dog, fishing by the lake with my book or building/renovating something with my hands.